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Our ICQ Bahraini Users Directory

2 gether 4 ever


She is one of the best Bahraini ICQ users you can spend hours of great chatting time with here .. Uin : 5005245

Sweetness *


She is very very sweet , but She won't tell ya her name I don't know why , I call her Reem others says it's Kadeeja .. now what's her real name ?

Uin : 6123080

7ajji Scorpion

I call him the Cool guy , try 'em and you'll know why !

Uin : 7147159



What do you want me to tell ya about him ? Omar is the sweetest person I ever knew . He is the Doctor of the Icq users .

Uin : 6443333



I don't know what does his name mean , but I know him from a long time and he is fun to make friends with .

Uin : 4441432


Da Dog is my kind of a Bahraini Teen aged guy he is very funny and he is the cousin of Miss Icq "Gomar" . Try him and you'll NOT be sorry .

Uin : 2230934


She call's her self Gomar , I think because she is beautiful , But I call her Miss Icq she is fun to chat with .

Uin : 2223666

Sporty gal *

I think she likes sports that's why she calls her self as you can see . She is a good chatter !

Uin : 4834806


fbi.gif (4417 bytes)

The guy that made him self the first Bahraini FBI agent ... keep going man .. he is a cool ICQ users that keep makin' some great activities her in Bahrain .. I'm still tellin' him keep goin' man .

Uin : 6477776

Gipsy King


He is a great guy , very talented and  he have a cool web site .

Uin : 6444447

The WaLRu$


If you want a funny guy to chat with . then that's your man .

Uin : 3000008


He is one of the good guys on the net .. 3del A7mady ?

Uin : 6444441


She is known for her kindness .. try her .

Uin :1872228


He is the King of the ICQ users ..

Uin : 8060920


Mona is one of my friends .. she is nice & she is always there to help .

Uin : 2444881

Jimmy Boy

Jim is one of my best friends on the icq he is a realy realy nice guy .

Uin : 5784413

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